iRoboInvest: By Millennials to Millennials

“I don’t have enough money to invest”, “I have no clue at all on how to invest”, “I think I’d just put it in the bank for now”, and so on. We believe that’s what you answer when somebody asks you about investment, right? Don’t worry, our answers used to be the same before. Well now it’s different, bury those lines forever, and worry no more! iRoboInvest is here to change the investment game once and for all. We’re at the end of 2017 and why on earth do people still need to go through unnecessarily overcomplicated procedures to invest? And why can’t people just invest with whatever amount they can afford? These hassles will vanish soon.

In iRoboInvest, we believe that one of the major keys in succeeding is to understand your target audience – How they behave, what they like, and what their problems are. Well, lucky you, iRoboInvest is a super easy investment platform for millennials, that is brought to you by millennials. With that being said, we clearly understand your concerns in investing as we share the same exact experiences.

Peep the amazing team behind iRoboinvest below and what advice they can share to all of you fellow millennials on investing, along with their motto.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 12.09.35 AM

iRoboInvest – a B2C goal based automated robo-advisor for Asian millennials. We are on a mission to erase the traditional barriers to investing and create a new generation of investors.

We are going to launch soon, join our waiting list now and be the first to enjoy the exclusive benefits!

Stay tuned!



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