We strongly believe robo-advisor would change how millennials and next generation are going to use and access financial tools. iRoboInvest delivers a personal and transparent investing solution through simple technology. Our goal is to eliminate the barriers that made investing sound so daunting. It’s 2017, we are changing the way people invest, as we believe investment shouldn’t be only for rich people who drive a Lamborghini and live in a mansion on the hill. It shouldn’t put you in a hassle by reading a pile of bible-thick documents that you will end up ignore anyway. Instead, investment should be sexy and trendy, let’s make it “Simple. Affordable. Achievable.”

Our team consists of millennials who also share the mutual experience when it comes to investment. We used to be so intimidated by the word “investment” itself. Therefore, we ended up putting our money in the bank. No surprise right? However, we are not satisfied with the interest rates. It’s very low and I bet you all must agree with us. Thus, we created iRoboInvest. The platform will forever change your perspective on investment, and here’s why:

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 9.50.40 PM

We designed and crafted this solution for you, because we know how you truly feel. You can invest anytime, anywhere, and with any amount you have in your pocket right now. And say goodbye to those useless paper work; it’s no longer needed.
Now you can invest like those rich people, in a smarter and faster way possible. Not to forget to mention that this can bring you 5 times higher return than banks! So, what are you waiting for? Prove it yourself!

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