Supercharger Open Pitch Competition during #HKFintechWeek



Krasi, Co-Founder and CEO,  presented iRoboInvest’s business model for 3 minutes followed by a Q&A session for 2 minutes from the judges. He explained that millennials find themselves to be either financially illiterate or unable to come up with a lump sum to meet the minimum amount required to invest.



We all understand that face-to-face advice is expensive. And the price point is just too high for the mass market to reach, thus they are unable to pay as it is unaffordable. iRoboinvest is a B2C goal-based automated investment platform, which is easy to understand and people can invest anytime, anywhere and with any amount. The goal of iroboInvest is to offer millennials a platform that enables them to invest a little bit every month.

We can tell that robo-advice is incredibly viable, because there’s a market out there that isn’t being serviced at the moment. And this provides them with an opportunity to gain access to financial advice.

Special thanks to Supercharger for organizing such a great event!

iRoboInvest – a B2C goal based automated robo-advisor for Asian millennials. We are on a mission to erase the traditional barriers to investing and create a new generation of investors.

We are going to launch soon, join our waiting list now and be the first to enjoy the exclusive benefits!

Stay tuned!

A slogan for today: Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it –  Benjamin Graham. 

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